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News regarding the new Skill Engine, and changelog for Alpha 1.0.8

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Hello there! I am currently (and have been for the last week) working on the design and implementation of Claustrophobia's skill engine, so that there is actual progression within the classes, and you have a choice in your play style. Of course, this is a massive job. Each class has 6 skills, which all have custom animations, sounds, and functionality, and there are 15 classes designed. In the amount of time I have spent on it so far, two classes are complete; The Juggernaut, and the Necromancer. They will not be included in this patch, as they do not balance out well with the other temporary classes. I will be posting gameplay examples of the classes over the next few weeks as I complete them.


As some of you may or may not notice, Claustrophobia now has a (if rather blank) Wiki! If you want to add anything to it, feel free, it would really help out a lot in filling out the content. I don't have time right now to keep updating it, but it will get done at some point.


Since it has now been two weeks since an update, I will be releasing Alpha 1.0.8 now as a minor content and bugfix patch now so that there is at least some new content coming out before the big 1.1.0 Skill update. But anyway, that fills you in on what it currently taking up all of my time. Below is the changelog for the patch.


Patch Alpha 1.0.8 Changelog


  • Rescaled health and damage of all units
  • Changes and additions to dungeon generation
  • Lots more room varieties
  • Removed Blacksmithing level
  • Crates and Barrels no longer block your vision
  • Added 3 new active items
  • Enemies have a chance of dropping arrows if killed by a ranged weapon


  • Items can now be directly placed in their corresponding equipment slot
  • Minimap improvements and additions
  • Passive Skills are no longer displayed as Buffs
  • Scrollwheel now zooms in and out on the mini map


  • Massive amounts of map & object optimisation
  • Portals can now teleport much greater distances
  • Fixed the spawning of arrows in shops
  • Items in shops no longer reset on loading
  • Enemies will now lose interest in the player after a certain amount of steps
  • Enchanted items no longer enchant all instances of that item
  • Crafted items can no longer be unidentified
  • Fixed an eating bug which caused both a cooldown refresh and a new buff
  • Fixed a crash caused by enemies standing on the player in a portal


nice changelog , it fixed the game freeze i got after i used a portal in order to escape the vampire ,)

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