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This has been a slow month, but we did make some progress.

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Last month was so slow that I considered not doing a news for it, but that would mean that we would miss our first news since the mod started, im not really up for that.

Saddley there has been absolutely no progress in this department, goals were not met and communication has been difficult. While I have the highest confidence in our programmer I can not ignore the current slump we are in. Hopefully things will pick up, and if they do Moddb will be the first to know.

3D Modeling and Animation
As always the 3D modelers have been hard at work. we have a few early shots of some of our map props and our first weapon is in game and ready to go.
Doug has been putting some details into the bus model previousely showcased in our last news. The skin for the main body has been finished, but the details are still under construction, as always updates will be posted.


Doug has also manged to get the mesh for the weapons tent all finished up and UV mapped. We should have a skinned version up and ready by next news.

Weapons tent

Cerebrate managed to get the laser rifle he made last month up and running in game, hopefully we can get some fottage of it in action for you asap.

In game Gun


Our mapping department (or Genjo) has been as always chugging along with the "Special Spot" map. Who's name makes me giggle every time I type it out so we will have to fix that. The old sky-box has been abandoned and we will be extending the boundaries of the map and building a new one that creates a more scenic setting.

Sound and Music

I would like to congratulate 5AM for being the only consistent composer I have hired. I have probably gone through 10-15 music dev's and he is the only one to deliver on time and stick with the team.
sadly enough I must let Matt go for he has been on the team for a month and has yet to do, well pretty much anything. This leaves a slot open for music composers so If your interested please contact us at Lift_mod@yahoo.com.
5AM's contribution is an interesting track that even he thought was a bit different from his past works. The song is called and it brought me back to my Mech Warrior 2 days.

Lift- A Eureka Seven Mod Mod for Half-Life 2 Relitivity audio - Mod DB
Well I believe that's it for this month. Sorry about the late News. It wasn't one I wanted to do given the grim state of the mod right now, but I am hopeful for some improvement.


Awww, cheer up tink! Programming might not be a flying success, but it still looks like you guys have got a lot done!

*Sends Plinkotink the Z-01 Lancelot to bring him victory in his fight against the cursed programming bug*

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This mod looks awesome. Gonna check out more about this.

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Keep at it. There are fans out there cheering you on.

PS: Awesome song.

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Oh lovely media, God i love your music, I have it all, Even the old album that you took off download :(

Sad, Sad take off, Anyway, Good mod. Been waiting, Keep up the good work guys, Love the song, Love the pics, Love the progress, Good job so far, Wanna congrats you on progress sience i started watching you (about 1 year ago) Either way, Good to see this mod is standing strong. Have a good one mates.

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Godly music. Perfect for the game. Keep up the good work. I'll be cheering you on silently, and I'm glad that I've finnally found a mod that is constantly working to provide the community with something wonderful and hasn't died after a long time working.

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