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Information on the new Slenderman Army download and the Expansion pack release.

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Slenderman's Army V2.5

[Latest]Slenderman's Army 2.5 (No RTP Included)

Improved Features:

  • Slenderman: We have added a very small break in between him appearing and him starting to chase you to give players slightly more of a chance to escape from him. You should be able to find that he doesn't manage to kill you as quick as he has been able to so far.
  • Storyline: We've fixed a small plothole regarding the main character and his lack of Lighting at the beginning of the game.(Since 2.3)
  • Intro Scene: We've added some more interesting Lighting Effects for the introduction, which hopefully will improve the scare. (Since 2.3)

Bug Fixes:

  • Door Scare: FINALLY, we have fixed the door scare for one of the later levels, you should now find that the game doesn't bug out and freeze. Sorry about that!
  • Intro: We've fixed the bug in which you can actually cheat the game right at the beginning (not get caught). Now if you are trying to open the door still the "scare" will not activate until after you have closed the Window.

Thanks again for all of your comments and new LP's of Slenderman's Army. We are really rooting to get this project pushed as far forward as possible. Especially with the future release of The Mirrors Of Slanciata Extension pack. On that subject have a few new Screenshots regarding the release of Slenderman's Army: MOS

Is there no escape from the Faceless Man?
Is there no escape from the Faceless Man?

Bad luck/ That's the last thing he needs right now!

Don't forget the more comments and feedback you give us. The more we can improve on Slenderman's Army. We really take everything you guys say seriously. Without you guys Slenderman's Army wouldn't get as far as it has already.
If you have LP'd our game or you'd like to offer a suggestion feel free to let us know on Facebook or you can contact us via twitter. Either way we look forward to hearing from you!
Thanks again!
SMC Games

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