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The Strongman is the newest foe to be added plus a few other updates.

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The latest updates to the game:

The latest progress I have completed on the game is the Strongman who move across the top of the screen dropping dumb weights at the players seesaw. If you are hit by one of the dumb weights it will cause you to not be able to move for a brief pause. Sometimes this may be fatal, but with a little luck and some skill you might be able to catch Jinx or Jojo before they splat on the ground. I also revamped the control system to fix a few bugs and also to work better with the Strongman's addition to the game. I am experimenting with an option that will allow you to grab onto a balloon with Jinx or Jojo which will greatly slow your descent.

What to look for in the upcoming updates:

The next addition to the game will be the evil clowns who we learn are behind this entire attack against our clown duo. Beginning at level 50 the evil clowns amp up the game by cranking up the control they have over the other circus inhabitants. If you are skilled enough to make it to level 50 prepare yourself for the mayhem that is sure to ensue.

The online score board is already in the works so you will be able to compete with other players from around the world.

At launch Clown Pop will be single player only. I am working on setting up multi-player action. Expect to see multi-player local co-op to come out on the PC and MAC versions before hitting the mobile platforms. Setting up mobile and network multi-player will take a bit of extra programing, troubleshooting and time. The idea is that 2 people on different phones or different pc's will be able to play together in an attempt to get the highest score. I am not sure at this time if it will be cross-platform or single-platform.

I hope you are enjoying the updates. With most updates I have been uploading a demo file for Windows that allows you to try out the newest additions to the game. This time around there will be a little delay in getting the Strongman demo out for you while I am dialing a few aspects of the gameplay. I have put a few photos for you the peruse and a video will be coming up shortly as well.

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