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Improved path finding and adding Uranium and resource collection.

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Don't worry, I'm still around and working on the game, Christmas tends to be a busy time of the year.Also it gave me plenty of time to fix bugs and tweak the current content.

The biggest thing currently being implemented is the path finding as trying to get robots to wander around outside as well as inside with a dynamically changing base layout is not an easy thing. But so far so good and robots are not only able to wander into the HQ but also negotiate doors, IE blow them up.

Currently I have set up a kinda tower defence game where waves of robots attack the base and I have to try and defend it by gathering resources, building walls/turrets/factories and most of the time running out of the office being chased by A11 bots!.

I'm finding the constant attacks a great way of fixing bugs such as targeting, path finding and balancing weapons, not to mention some game mechanics and ways of improving resource collection.

Next load of content will be to add Uranium as a resource along with its collection process where a prospector drone flies up to a crystal and kinda plucks it out of the ground with a tractor beam. It will then be taken back to the power station for processing.

Uranium and Calcite unlike iron and aluminium will not go down. So having a Uranium crystal plugged into the reactor will yield a constant flow of power until someone comes a long and steals it.

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