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The new world of Parachronism includes new places (town, city, village, etc). This update includes 4 early in-game places.

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The new world of Parachronism includes new places (town, city, village, etc). In-game place teaser would be divided into two parts and this part will include 4 most early in-game places. Before exploring them, here are some links you can visit to support us:


And now, let's explore the places!

1. Raylea Village

This village is a village located near Silverfort city. It is the village where the protagonist was first teleported to.

Raylea Village Poster

Raylea Village Poster 2

Raylea Village Poster 3

Raylea Village Poster 4

Raylea Village Poster 5

2. Silverfort City

Silverfort city is the city where Myriade Kingdom located. Even so, Silverfort city wasn’t originally the capital city of the country. This city may be lively but not as lively as Esterden city, the original and the most crowded capital city.

Silverfort City Poster

Silverfort City Poster 2

3. Silvercliff Lake

Silvercliff lakeside is a grassy plain that stands between Silverfort city and Esterden city. This is also the ‘office’ of Cranshade Kingdom’s general, Glade.

Silvercliff Lake Poster

4. Esterden City

Esterden city is the original capital city of the country. Even though the palace was moved to Silverfort, Esterden was still very crowded, you can find ANYTHING in this town; shops, pavilions, gardens, blacksmiths, etc.

Esterden City Poster

Esterden City Poster 2

Esterden City Poster 3

That's it for today's update. We'll come back with some of the rest in-game places (some would remain mystery for you to explore yourself in the game!). Stay tuned and wait for our update in the next three days!

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