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I've posted a new way way early 2D wip ISO demo of Phoenix USC. This is a playable demo.

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ISO 88


Here is the direct link for my ‘2D’ Phoenix USC ISO demo. :

It will run at 1080p 60fps in Chrome or other fast web browser and is a fully interactive way early proof of concept demo.

A little hefty at (was 27MB, now smaller) 12mb and way early but should be fun to experiment with. I’ll be updating it soon. The editor is sort of a mess at the moment but usable. Use the ‘A’ key to set a base (first level) part and the ‘C’ key to layer up and place a part on top of another. Use the ‘Z’ key to undo. You can only go up 10 layers else it messes up. Like I said this is way early and just here to give you all a look-see.

The space bar will stop the ship from moving which helps with editing. The X key also will lay down a base level part but as a floor. .. I’ll make this all clearer soon with next update so for now I recommend poking around a bit while I get things in shape.

I’ll make some improvements and post a new demo soon. I’ll also post more info on what to do editor wise. This is just up for fun, testing and feedback.

Be sure to use chrome or other fast browser.

Be sure to check out the FULL top-down demo of Phoenix USC available now!. Runs at 1080p 60fps in your web browser.

Been recovering from illness, but back at coding now. :D

Rock on,

Phoenix USC FULL DEMO available now!

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