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I've uploaded a new video showing some progress with the gameplay, the cutscenes system and the brand new menu.

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Hey there!
We've been pretty busy lately with exams and work and the like, so we still haven't got around to making the new model for Grim yet, but I've been doing some work on other aspects of the game including a brand new menu, a more complete save/load system which works with profiles, so you can have multiple games in progress, and a cutscene system, which mostly works with Unity's built in animation editor, but with some added functions that easily allow us to add dialogue and other special actions!

Most of this is demonstrated in the new video I've uploaded, which can be found directly below this post on the Summary page, or as "Preview 1" under the Videos page, bare in mind that there are a few aspects of this video that are non-final, incomplete or even completely broken in a few cases!


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