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A 12 minute long video showing the game play. The video shows the larger solar map and the more detailed encounter map. Combat, energy management and repair. In this video I narrate how the game mechanics works, badly. Also some news on my upcoming Indiegogo campaign.

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The video shows how the player moves around the solar map, objects in the solar map, a simple mission list system and various other stuff.In the encounter map I show a simple freighter loading its cargo. How the mission list works within the encounter map, movement in 3D space, a little bit of energy management and combat with some raiders.

And in other news. I've been working on optimizing the code as usual, thinking up new modules for the ships and planing ahead.
I've also been working on my upcoming crowd funding campaign at Indiegogo. I am hoping to start my campaign on Friday the 15th of February. If not then probably at the end of February in the latest.
I've written some text to go with the video I will be adding, recording some video and planing the video.
I've added perks I think I can fulfill and set my target funding goal. It's quite exciting.

I want to thank everybody for their interest in this game. It has been keeping me motivated to continue working on it. :)

The video below is about 12 minutes. A bit long, but hopefully not boring. Feel free to ask questions or simply make comments in the comment section. I will try to answer all questions as soon as I can.


After watching the vid again, what about a blending from solar to ecounter map, via pressing space? Solar map could look more like a blue holo map to stay with the HW flair. Also, it would be a great addition if you could build stations via fleets adn fleets via stations, to bring in rts elements. And, also you don't narrate that bad, you just sound muffeld sometimes and should try to speak a bit louder and clearer. Apart from that your fine.

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Well, I don´t want the game to be a copy of Homeworld. I did experiment with having Carriers and large construction vessels that could build other ships, using construction queues and mineral costs, etc. I felt that it would not fit in well with the ship modifications element in the game.
I want the player to feel attached to his ships. He spent time modifying his ships and should feel some loss if he looses them. A bit like the game X-COM.

Space Station building changes the game a little. It would go from being a small scale RTS game to a large scale RTS like the Total War games.
I'm aiming for a small fleet of player customized ships versus a large scattered fleet of enemy ships. The player isn't a major faction in the game. He is a mercenary. Kind of like Sid Meier's Pirates.

I understand that the player would like to have a home base of some sorts and I like the idea. I think I will try my best to add either a build or a buy Space Station option to the game. Perhaps allow the player to buy upgrades to his station.

Multiple Space Station building could be a good idea for another game though. Multiple solar systems with multiple stations within, fight for control of the stations to control the solar system they reside in. More ships, bigger battles, less customization and less micro management of ships.

Concerning the narration. I guess practice makes perfect and better microphone should probably make a difference. :)

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