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Updating Magic Meisters with new Video and Content to wet your whistles!

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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the latest update for MAGIC MEISTERS !

Take a look at our Gallery and our newly uploaded video!

I know more then a few of you have been asking for a Test Demo before pre-ordering the game so we would just like to ask you to wait patiently until we can prepare a proper fully fleshed out character creator with a few little features in there for you in early October!

Magic Meisters works off an Action/RPG Engine. Meaning spells are normally pretty instant or can be cast while walking/running. Some spells require you to stand still but are offset by being more effective once casted! Each spell is uniquely different and powerful so stay tuned and we may reveal some spells that you may want to wave your staff at!

With every pre-order you're helping us develop a bigger and more complete game. We will work as hard as we can, even if the budget is low, to bring a full complete Co-Op experience to your doorstep. If you don't want to pre-order now, don't! We won't rush you, development will continue regardless until you feel comfortable enough to snag a copy! We just ask you comment, share, and show us how much you like our development when we do update!

In the meanwhile please check out our gallery, our videos, and just have a fantastic weekend ahead!


Music selection is good, art is awesome, atmosphere is fantastic!

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Spell effect showcase sequence:
- Try to bring camera closer to the explosions.

night scene at 1:22:
- Flesh out look of 3D maps a little bit more
- that grey hill looks not good
- more detail to trees, lower foliage pieces to cover trunk
- make foliage angrier-darker green to enhance dramatic mood
- make sky glow at horizon, like LOTR-Mordor skyscape
- more rock texture contrast, more black/more shadows

Dragon in sky at 1.23:
- Make dragon wings more gritty, veins, dragon body more dark-red & shiny scales

Dragon attack at 1:24
- increase dragon tex contrast

Increase player / NPC texture / lighting contrast like on the awesome concept arts, like at 3D screen at 1:25 just a bit more.

Skeletal Knight at 1:28 flesh it out a bit.

MAP: flesh out with dark green speculary contrasty geographic features

Come back to Kickstarter with a 2nd campaign, your game shows promise, there is definitely talent there!

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QuickFixInc Author

We might give Kickstarter a second go after about 3-4 months of development so stay tuned for some more future great stuff coming soon !

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