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A Master of Orion II fan project as a real time strategy game which implements all techs and some more like Planetoids, anti matter clouds, lensman (artificial hereos) and Space monster creation.

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Version 2.31 as download available: no installation needed just extract all files in the zip archive.
Patch notes:
- the games default start is now single player mode on loopback ip so the windows firewall dont pop up on first use
- the weapon angle like forward and ExtForward ect now works
- The displayed remaining space in the spaceship design menu now shows the correct numbers
- the popup menus in colonies and shop view have been new positioned and reduced in size
- In advanced Tech mode one starts with 3 Colony Ships , 2 scouts, 2 Destroyers and 1 cruiser
- events now only displayed if they really happen: for example you get a splinter colony only if there is no space monster on the planet's star.

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