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a new update is available for the early build. check this article to find whats new, what the game is all about and who iam and how to download it, if you find any glitch or error or if you have any suggestion contact me here on IndieDB i hope to make an amazing game this is my first project after a couple of years learning unity.

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Welcome to the Physics Fighters IndieDB page,

UPDATE V1.1 detail

first of all sorry for my bad english, im an 18 years old student im from france i study unity3D since im 13 this is my very first project i work alone on this game ,this game will be a 1V1 versus fighting with melee attacks only, no superpowers or crazy thing but the active ragdoll make this game a lot more fun every animation are driven by physics the game is still an early version but you can check it here Indiedb.comV1.1

Capture dcran 36this is the very first version of the game it still need a lot of work it only include the mma arena and 2 fighter if you want to change the graphics setting press the button escape then press the button with a g on the screen, controls:

left arrow = Walk fordward

right arrow = walk backward

up arrow = walk left

down arrow = walk right

q = strong punches

s= strong kicks (tips: dont do that when you are near your opponent or you will probably fall)

w = weak punches

x = weak kicks

press backspace to block

press 1 TO taunt your opponent and make him look like a fool ;) (change log v1.1: active ragdoll are now more stable , destructible environement, multiple blood particle ) if you have suggestion let me know.Capture dcran 29

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