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I'm talking about new update of the map, dlc count and cosmetics for the mod

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OKay, yeah, it's been a long time without any news, so I have to make a post, that I'm working on new update, that will reduce dlc count to only 2, get rid of savegame, and will try to fix some cosmetics.

So, the mod will get rid of savegame and El Dorado and Cossacks dlcs. How? I will make a whole map empty via Clausewitz Scenario Editor and i must say, that it's pain in the ass. Also, I edited Tunisian trade node, that will have territories, that was controlled by Carthage. I haven't tested how AI will do in this case yet, but testing must be the last thing on the list.

So, what about cosmetics? I will try to make Norwegian leader to actually appear, which was a problem for some reason. Also, I will talk to some huge mod dev team on how to make custom flag frames, religion icons, and few more other things, if I will find any of those.

I hope, you'll enjoy the mod until I'll make an update. Also, give me some feedback, cause I'm clueless on how do you like or dislike the mod and in which aspects.

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