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We've added a bunch of content as we gear up for Beta!

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We've been adding in all the things we need to make the game feature complete, and it's getting there!
this update has almost 25 new weapons and items you can get, as well as new potions, a few changes to multiplayer death, etc.

here is our update video for Alpha Minotaur, where we attempt to show you things for the update!

Here's a more detailed list

Updated the default controls 'Previous' = S 'Drop' = D
Added a bunch of hats and weapons (safari hat, wolf mask, sakkat, chef knife, giant sword, etc. etc.)
Added the Owlicopter monster ...yep
Added New Potions: Illuminate, Darken, Stone Skin, Brittle Bones, and Slow
Added an Soul counter for ghosts in multiplayer

Ghosts now need more and more souls each time they die
Removed Item poof's, they were buggy and didn't add much
Trolls no longer have old swords.
Fixed the spraypaint acting as glue on a secret door
Monster death blow animation now completes (instead of them just bumping into you and death)
Crates now break from fire, lava, crushing
Optimized monster attacks
Fixed the Tavern Gold dupe bug
Nerfed the Pea Shooter, now shoots peas.
Kittens now spawn Ultra Wraiths, Ultra Wraiths have no XP

You can get the update by going to your Humble account and downloading the new version!
If you want to buy the game, just go to the Legend of Dungeon site! You also get a steam key once the game is for sale there.

Thanks and have fun!

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