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In this article we cover multiple things, including comparing us with DayZ and Updates on how animations will look and how it's coming along!

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Hey guys, sorry we haven't updated in a while, but we've been hard at work to get you quality content. And we have some big news! But besides that, the game is coming along SO NICELY that it's incredible! It's insane! So let me tell you what we've been working on.

First are the animations. THEY weren't good last time. The legs twisted and jerked, and it was creepy. But Anton, our animator, bought not 1 but 2 Xbox Kinects for motion capture animations! So the animations will look natural and fluid because, well, they're being done by a real person! See hwo it works here (Skip to 0:45 to see it in action):

Next is building models. We were comparing us and DayZ the other day and we were missing 2 things: Animations (Being fixed as you can see) and buildings. We are lacking. SO, we are building several buildings to suit your needs.

Now. Time for the big news. Drumroll please *tmdtmdtmdtmd*. And the thing we were missing from DayZ the most was multiplayer. Nothing can beat the felling of backstabbing a teammate and shooting bandits, so we've decided to integrate MULTIPLAYER! Levi has already setup servers and account login, so you don't have to worry about us lying to you! Along with multiplayer comes these features:
Character customization:
Change outfits, skin color, and hair! (pics in the gallery soon).

Group system: Let people officially join your group by adding them. You can even appoint a leader with this system.
Chat system- You can talk to people in your group, but if a bad guy is out of range, they won't be able to hear you.
Thanks guys, hope you liked what you heard, and we will see you soon! More pics should be up in the gallery as well! Thanks!


Great work! The Kinect stuff is looking great.

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dtg108 Author

Thanks! Those aren't ours in the video, but that's how it works.

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make a aiming system with ironsights and more.:)

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dtg108 Author

done ;)

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