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Assemble Satellite components to rockets and earn achievements!

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Space Company Simulator - New Update 0.9.572

Dear Space CEOs!
The new Space Company Simulator update is here! You can now enjoy the long-awaited Satellites and get achievements. You can find more information about the new features and improvements as well as a detailed changelog below.

WARNING! Old saves may not work!


You can now earn achievements for your hard work!

Successfully launch small rockets to be awarded with the ‘First Step’, ‘Small beginnings’ and ‘Not size, but quantity’ achievements. Discover ‘Space is profitable’ when you hire your 20th lobbyist. Complete contracts, get investor perks and send manned space missions to earn more achievements!

There are 45 achievements waiting for you, so do your best! Aim high and unlock them all.

Learn the details here: Steam Achievements.

Steam Achievements

Complete 45 Steam achievements.


It is now possible to attach satellites to the rockets in the Assembly Room and Sandbox Assembly. Take on new contracts and launch satellites into the orbit of one of the planets of our solar system. Deliver the satellite safely to the required position and cash in!

New satellite components include Small, Medium, and Heavy satellites. They are adjusted to different mission lengths.

Satellites Assembled

Heavy Rocket with three satellites assembled (Small, Medium, and Heavy).

Squire Satellite Contract

Satellite contract: Placing the “Squire” satellite in orbit.


⚙ Features:

  • Added 45 Steam achievements
  • Added Satellite components, which can be assembled to the rocket
  • Added the Skip Turns button, which allows skipping a selected number of turns or jumping to a certain event
  • Added asteroids to Space Atlas (Mission Control)

📢 Updates:

  • Revamped the Buildings development scheme
  • Changed the frequency of receiving new events
  • Postponed the first e-mail event further in the gameplay
  • Modified the Perk System to make Players decide which Perks suit their strategy better (choosing one of the Perks will block another)
  • Added new Perks
  • Removed some of the existing Perks, which had minimal impact on the gameplay
  • Changed the Perk cost icons—“DP” has been replaced with the department’s icon
  • Added new pieces of information about slots and components (S, M, and H for rockets) to improve readability
  • Made changes to the Components’ Testing System—from now on, there’s no possibility for the purchased Component to be fallible (all Tier 0 and Tier I components have 100% reliability). The chance that the Component will be broken is very low

🔧 Fixes:

  • Added various fixes to Summary Panels
  • Corrected the prestige loss system when firing employees
  • Added various fixes to the money collecting system for testing, component fixing, and rocket assembling
  • The game no longer gets minimized when switching to the second screen

Perk Tree Choices

Choose your Perks wisely. There’s no turning back on your choices!

You really helped us in making this update happen, so thank you for that! We look forward to reading your awesome ideas and suggestions on Steam and Discord.

Please consider dropping us a review on Steam if you’re satisfied with the update. Let other CEOs learn about the game!

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