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This is an update that adds a lot of new things like a new map, a menu, a level selection menu and new tank designs.

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Hey guys, this Release is 0.02 and adds a lot of new features. The First one will be the menu, this adds and lot more functionality to the game and people will actually be able to choose levels(maps) on the level selection menu! The Menu will be updated in future versions and I assure you that there will be at least one new map with each update as a small extra. Right now, the new map is a medieval map as you can see on the picture and this would be the second map made available. The Tank models have also changed slightly to make the look cooler and to make them look less Cartoonish. The Credit for the House models goes to: Daniel74 and as always, I came up with the ideas with some of my friends and I wrote the code, edited the maps/Menus and I published this game. I have also created a new Indie game company called "AreoBlaze Studios", which I will publish the game under. Please help me out by sending me ideas, 3D models, examples of new features that could be added into the game and other stuff.


+New Medieval map


+New tank model

+Edits to the first map

+And some other small game fixes

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