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I explain the changes to the UI and why I did them. I also describe my current plans and how Chapter 1 is coming along.

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Hi! Things are coming along nicely now that I've received the last play-test reports and fixed most of the bugs and improved the prologue. Now I can focus heavily on chapter 1 and create as much content as possible.

Story Points

First off, I want to tell you about story-points and how I plan to implement them. Story-points in essence is a way for the game to keep track on what items, objects or areas the player have interacted with and will use those stored points to either alter or add additional dialogue options or observations later on in the game.

For example, there is a point in the game where you can examine a set of photographs, doing so will store a story-point and you will later be able to ask other characters about these photographs or your character will recognize the place from the photo and make an observation, like: "Oh, this is the room from that photo!" when she enters that room. while that is rather reduntant and in a sense pointless to the plot, it adds that little bit of extra to the game, and it's not too much work either.

Story-points will not just give the player useful exclamations but most of them will enhance the plot with non-vital information about the world and the character within, like background information and side info that can alter events further down the line. I aim to make this the main reason to explore the game world.

New UI

Besides adding story-points to the game, I also changed the GUI to better reflect the mood of the game and to better blend with the rest of the color scheme. The new GUI has a larger resolution as well.

Here's a comparison screenshot:

New UI

The main reason why I changed the UI is because I didn't really like the old one, it's a left-over from my planning/experiment stage back in early 2013. It was also very low resolution compared to the newer UI elements like the inventory and prompts.

That's it for this update, please feel free to tell your friends about the game and follow the project if you're interested. In the next update I hope to have the first screenshot of chapter 1 ready. Stay tuned. :)

Thank you!

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