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We added new tutorials and new features to our game, with some bugs fixed and a new environment updated.

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  • What's New:
    1. We have added two separate tutorials to our game, which will give our players more clarity and certainty about what they will do in our game and what to expect.
    2. We modified the response of enemies when they are taking damages, which makes the hit feedback stronger and more clear.
    3. We re-designed our UI and make the health bar presented exactly on UI canvas rather than in the game.
    4. We added more environment objects and re-created the new scene.
    5. We added some small UI to enemies to display different status. Like an exclamation mark will show up when an enemy is tanked.

  • What’s the Motivation:
    1. During the former playtesting session, we have found that many players need some guidance even thought our UI and button is obvious and intuitive.
    2. We found that many players are complaining the hit feedback is too weak. We decided to re-design our attacking system, for now, we just tweak the animation a little bit, which makes the feedback quicker.
    3. The health bar over the characters' head is not very intuitive and sometimes it is very hard to see. So we decided to move the health bar to the UI canvas.
    4. More environment objects and more new scenes will enhance the current gameplay and give us more space to add new enemies and new mechanics.

  • What’s Next:
    1. Add more features to make the hit feedback stronger.
    2. Add various enemy types.
    3. Add power-ups.
    4. Tweak the tutorial based on the playtesting feedback.
    5. More environments and levels to choose.
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