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Check out the new Rigid Force Alpha level design preview trailer!

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Check out our new trailer, a cross section of RFA's level designs as of 12/2015, with music from the Rigid Force Alpha soundtrack by Dreamtime/Lauri Turjansalo!

This video represents a cross section of RFA's stages. The past months were all about finalizing the actual level designs. In the process, a lot of enemy routines have been added to the game code, some of these enemies also received their final 3D model. In terms of graphics some areas have been polished and some even underwent a total rework. Furthermore, a lot of new background assets and effects have been added to the game. A lot of work!

Now that we've put so much love and effort into the game, we'd love to get your feedback!

  • What did you like/dislike about the trailer?
  • Is there anything missing you would expect from a modern shmup?
  • Are there any features you would like to learn more about in the future?

Don't hesitate to share your opinions and questions with us using the comment section below!

But before - check out some of the latest shots from our frequently updated image gallery:

Toxic Jungle - Revision

Space Station - Polishing

The Alien Homeworld - Cavern 2

Ice Desert - Valley Polishing Progress 2

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