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We tried squeezing the essence of our expansive Adventure and Town-Builder into a 1 minute Gameplay Trailer!

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Time Flies!

Many years of development later, our peaceful open-world adventure & town-builder, Dwarrows, is nearing completion!

About the Game

A Peaceful Action-Adventure game where you can build your own town with the resources, treasures, artifacts, and building plans you discover during your adventures! Set for release on Steam (Windows, Mac, Linux) and XboxOne early 2020.

The formal feature list includes the 4 primary activities in the game and, I think, summarize the game fairly well.

  • Explore: Play as three uniquely skilled characters to quest and puzzle through a peaceful and atmospheric world.
  • Gather: Supply your town with resources gathered from the land surrounding it, from hidden treasures, and other wonders.
  • Build: Discover and unlock new structures to grow and improve your town.
  • Befriend: Find friendship in the local wildlife to help boost your town and character abilities, and invite the wandering Wood-Elves to join and grow your town.

The New Trailer

We've spent quite a bit of time trying to capture the essence of the game into a 1 minute trailer (well, 1 minute and 29s...we tried). Our composer (Neilquillen.com) did a wonderful job writing a custom track for this trailer!

And New Website Too!

After we emerged from our dark cave of GameDev-Isolation we found our website to be woefully incompatible with modern tastes and sensibilities. As was needed, we gutted and replaced our website, and it should now be safe and maybe even appealing for your eyes!

Check it out!

We're ramping up to release soon, so if ya dig, wishlist it on Steam!:

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