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With the release being January 12th (just a few more days) I decided to create a new trailer, push a final update fixing small things and making the level editor usable

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Welcome in 2016! and more importantly! Next week (12th of January) the game will see an official release on Steam, leaving it's early access status behind after just four months. This basically means I should stop fiddling with the code until we are live, so I pushed the final update a few days ago fixing minor bugs and making sure the game is set to go.

I also recored a new trailer, which is always a challenge to get right. Since the game is a fast paced but turn-based rogue-like I really wanted to get that feeling across. So it's a lot of fast cuts and action scenes, ending with the message that it's luckily all turn-based. All crammed into a minute, so hopefully everybody will watch till the end.

This weeks update also contained some improvements to the level-editor, so that you can now actually save and load levels and even push them to Steam (altho the loading of those levels isn't implemented yet, and won't be until after the release is done).

So that leaves me with handling the iOS and Android versions of the game, which are basically up and running except for some minor testing on controller support and game services for the achievements.

Thanks to the LibGDX toolset all versions run on the same Java code, which makes porting and fixing bugs or adding new features a breeze! The Mobile version is planned for 3rd of February, mainly since I still have to push it through Apple's Approval process..

That leaves me with just a bunch of nerves until release day is here, and then hopefully getting some good press coverage on the bigger PC game sites.

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