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New plans for what features we are working on first + The first Android version of the game will come soon!

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ALPHA Link: Battletriv.com - V 1.0

We have made a new Strategy for Alpha!

Our plan is to roll out Singleplayer mode within a week, you will still have to log in to play, if we see that no one are playing, we will think about making a "Guest" system, so you can play Singleplayer mode without logging in.

After the Singleplayer mode has been rolled out, then we are thinking of making the game for Android, since the game originally are designed for phones or a phone game.
Why Android?
Because that's the easiest for now, and its the only devices we can test on, since none of us got an iPhone or iPad, plus its cheaper to publish on Android, and since we don't earn anything at the moment, then we also don't have a big budget to play with.

When the game is published for Android, we will start on making the shop, and move on to Beta.
More news will come about this.

Another new thing are that we are working on a forum design, since we already have a forum setup, but just didn't have the time to get the design finished yet, but we are soon!

If you wanna know everything we are doing, then follow us @BattleTriv

-BattleTriv Team

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