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I have a new Amnesia custom story in the works!

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First of all I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who played and left feedback for this custom story. I'm happy the majority of you enjoyed my work and re-reading some of the reviews makes me really glad I put the work in to it that I did.

Therefore I have decided to commence work on a new custom story. I dont know how many people are still playing Amnesia custom stories, so I hope this new work wont go to waste, but I feel the itch to be creative so i'm going to press on regardless!

Now the reason I am announcing this here is because for whatever reason Moddb currently wont let me create a new mod page, it just throws up a blank when I try. I wanted to post screen shots and give a brief description, but as I cant I will give you guys a synopsis here:

The story is set in the late 1700's, deep in the heart of a Prussian forest lies a gigantic mansion, once owned by a large dynasty of European royals. Its current owners rarely venture from inside their safe haven, yet welcome many visitors from around the world to share with them a piece of European royal history.

A darkness hangs over this place however. Many visitors never seem to return from their visits, and there are stories of deformed creatures and vile spirits which haunt the mansion and surrounding forest. Surely these stories are nonsense? The secretive nature of the mansions occupants are bound to stir up gossip... or is something very sinister going on? What exactly happened to the royal family that owned this building anyway?

You play a man called Edward Stevenson. You decide to pay a visit to the Prussia mansion after losing contact with some good friends who were travelling around Western Europe. They were in constant contact with you until they announced their planned visit to the mansion. After several weeks of waiting your gut instinct tells something is wrong, and you set off to visit the mansion for yourself.

I hope this synopsis intrigues you! Hopefully whatever is wrong with moddb is sorted soon and I can post my first set of screenshots. Until then let me know what you think about my idea, and if anyone reading hasnt played Escape from Brackenburg yet, please do! :)



Hype! :D

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Wooo! Seeing Escape from Brackenburg so far I'm very hyped :D

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