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The stats system is has been redone with some new additions and bug fixes!

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I abandoned my changelog a while ago because of the amount of bug fixes I get done each weekend, but I'm about to bring it back because Colonies is nearly 100% bug free! Yay!

While I fix the final crash this week, prepare yourself for a swarm of new features coming your way. Included in the new update this following weekend will be more crops (hemp, tomatoes), new crafting mechanisms (crafting benches, anvils), and raiding mechanisms (plant explosives near your enemy's walls and they will blow up).

Until next weekend, entertain yourself with our new stat system. 2 new stats have been added (foraging and crafting)! Instead of a general LP bar, each action now contributes to the growth of the specific stat, respectively.

Here is what skill stats look like:

... and here is what body stats look like:

Body stats are gained through foods. Fish are the best newb-friendly foods at the moment. Every food has a chance at increasing a respective stat, but the chance is diminished as you develop.

Thank you for your patience!

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