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The event demo is almost complete for upcoming events and we also have a landing page.

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The production of the event demo continues. I just received the images of the second character and thus created this teaser trailer. Still under construction, hence why the second character looks incomplete, this footage shows pretty much a good representation of what players will experience in the upcoming event demo. Obviously there is still more work to be done but our plan is to have 2 playable characters so you can get a taste of what the game will be like.

While work on the event demo has been going on, we've also been hard at work on the website, which is now live. You can check out the site at www.childarms.com to get more info on this game. We originally envisioned a more robust site with information about each character, more in-depth instructions about the game, and ways you can help. Unfortunately our budget is very low so we couldn't afford such a nice looking site, so for now we'll have to make do with a landing page but we included a PDF file at the end of the page to look further into the game and what we have planned.

So what is this event demo anyways? As it's name implies, it's a demo we wish to present at events. We plan to have this demo for as many events as we can attend but our priority right now is to get to EVO 2019, but because our budget is so low, we have to attend with a group, so we submitted our game to one known as The MIX. Though we have yet to finish the demo, submission time is running out so we submitted what we have so far. We are still hard at work on it and by the end of July it will be ready so we are hoping it will be enough to show what we are intending to do.

There is still a long road for this project before it sees completion and right now we need public opinion to see where we must improve before continuing with the actual production of the final product. We hope this event demo will help us and the players see what needs improvement.

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