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Announcing the Gravity Well! A new sector type that can be generated at the start of a round that contains its own gravitational field pulling in ships and projectiles!

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Announcing a new sector type - the Gravity Well!

When a round begins, a number of sectors are procedurally generated with a random type and features. Previously, this meant a normal sector with few asteroids, an asteroid field sector with many asteroids, or a dust cloud sector with its clouds that affects ship sensors. Now the list adds the Gravity Well sector. These new sectors contain no objects other than the super dense resource filled asteroid in its center. This space rock has so much mass that it creates a very powerful local gravitational field. Your strategies will need to change when entering these areas as your projectiles will get pulled towards the center (not unlike bullet drop found in other games) and be sure to plan ahead when buying ships, some weapons fare better than others. In addition, pilots need to stay aware of their ships position relative to the center - get too close and you may find gravity too strong to escape!

Since screenshots can't really demonstrate these effects, here's a short video I made while inside an Artillery Frigate taking shots... getting good is going to take some practice.


ohhh thats hardcore

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