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Version 0.2 demo can be downloaded now. Dungeon Fray has been updated with many new features and fixes.

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The 0.2 demo features 5 levels and it doesn't feature infinite mode yet.


  • 3 New levels in story mode
  • 9 new monsters in story mode
  • New infinite mode
  • 5 new monsters exclusive to infinite mode
  • New class ROGUE
  • 3 New spells
  • Better UI for managing quickslots and hotkeys
  • 6 new music tracks
  • New animations and sound effects
  • New bots and orbs system to make game more strategic
  • New status effect icons shown above hero image
  • New perk system: You can activate upto two perks before starting a new game
  • Lots and lots of game balancing tweaks
  • Each class now has a unique ability
  • Full health is now restored on level up
  • Minor UI improvements, Many bug fixes and stability improvements

Any feedback would be appreciated.

EDIT: The game will crash if you enable exactly one perk. I have fixed this issue but it would take time to package the game again for both Windows and Linux, so a proper fix for it will come in next build :)

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