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A new version with fixed bugs is released. Puzzle solutions are available in Tutorials. Desura release upcoming.

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Hey there everyone! I just want everyone to know that I've spent the last couple weeks checking out all the bugs everyone has been experiencing and have gotten most of them fixed! The remaining bugs--along with a few I've noticed today--are largely aesthetic, and won't prevent the player from finishing the game. Thanks for all your patience!

Second piece of news: For everyone stuck in the game, Youtube user amnesiaPUZZLES has uploaded helpful guides to almost all of the puzzles in the game. Head on over to the Tutorials page to check them out. At the time of writing this, the Reliquary path has not been shown yet, nor have the remaining endings, but she will upload those soon.

And finally, I am working on getting The Great Work released on Desura. Look for that within the week!

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