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New release date for JAWS WAR XEON: April 7th, 2013, if all goes to plan...

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Due to an increasingly positive development phase, JAWS WAR XEON is due to be released on April 7, 2013, if all goes well!
Stay tuned for the full game!

This is a one or two player game. JAWS can use gravity lifts many ways to reach new places. Walk into and jump into these for different results. You must neutralize any threats that try to stop your mission! MAKO can also play in any level as a second player, he behaves the same way as JAWS, buthas a few minor differences.
MAKO is JAWS's second in command. A second player can play as MAKO on the same keyboard!MAKO uses the LEFT ARROW and the RIGHT ARROW to move, he also uses the UP ARROW to jump.MAKO's gun is a custom M249, he has infinite ammo and a bottomless clip, but aims at the cursor,(Also where JAWS aims). He can also use grenades. Of course MAKO can die, only he has no visiblehealth bar like JAWS does and can not pick up medical kits. He will also react differently to different types of damage. Apart from the items listed above, MAKO is the same as JAWS.

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