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Today we celebrate even more new arrivals to the Infinitus Designs team, and announce how it will affect development!

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In the past few days I've had some serious success with recruitment, and 3 friends of mine have now joined the Infinitus Designs team to help develop Arania - Forgotten Lands.

The new developers are:

and Ragnarok

All 3 of our new developers will be working on graphics, and I'll soon be deciding who takes on the role of Lead Graphics Developer so that I won't have to boss, err... order.... hmm... instruct them!

Now, as I've noted in previous articles I have been massively held back by the lack of graphics developers, and it's also holding back on showing the public what the game will eventually look like, as everyone's impressions are still completely based upon the old (and frankly, rubbish) 2D version of Arania.
Once the graphics team is organized and up and running properly, I can finally say that Arania - Forgotten Lands will start developing full steam ahead!

As soon as we are beginning development, I'll make sure to instruct all graphics developers to regularly post content to show you how we're getting on.

Stay tuned!


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