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Post news RSS New Railgun Turret graphics, make animation and cameo.

- new Raialgun Turret graphics - polished Raigun Tank graphics - removed Arty for the Allies in multiplayer and replaced it with the GDI MLRS - added GDI Missile Fregate

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I've been working on polish and balancing lately. I've managed to change the Railgun Turret graphics into something that matches the Red Alert style. Also working to replace the temporary Ion Cannon uplink graphics.
For multiplayer balancing, I've replaced the Allied Artillery with the GDI MLRS. The ARTY is now a NOD exclusive unit.

I've added a new naval unit for the GDI - the Missile Frigate - similar to the Allied Destroyer, but shoots missiles instead of 8 inch shells.

I should be able to upload another release this weekend.
Stay Tuned for more.

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