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Some news regarding the new features of Calradia 1417

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Hi everyone. Before I share the new info about the mod i want to tell you 2 things.

About permissions:

Lots of people asking me to give them permissions to use the armors I made or any other item in my mod. Unfortunately nothing in this mod is OSP, what i mean by that is, yes, eventhough I use OSP mods, ive heavily edited them to meet the needs of my mod thus youre not allowed to use anything from the mod, Im not thinking of sharing them anytime soon as im still working on the mod. I'm not thinking of sharing anything either remodelled, or completely made by me for now. Thank you!

Edit : Clarification about the ownership of the models. There seems to be a misunderstanding about that subject. I, by no means claim the ownership on the base/original models of the OSP mods. However as I previously said, I've heavily edited most of them specifically for Calradia 1417. Thus my claims on the models are the ones I've edited myself. You can still download the OSP mods mentioned in the credits and use them in your mod. However you are not allowed to use any models, textures remade by me. I'm thinking of releasing them as OSP models or rather give permissions to modders who want use them after I'm done with the mod. Just like how things were with Daimyo Edition, and my models are being used in mods like CRPG in the same manner. Thanks again!

Now lets move on to new features.

1- Random encounters : Now if you have played my Gekokujo Daimyo Edition mod youre probably familiar to this feature. Now you will run into some encounters when travelling on the map like robber knights ambushing you, or an honorable knight wanting to duel with you, bandits attacking etc.

2- New quests : Now you can get new quest lines for example you will be asked to defeat a rebel lord who claimed for the Lady Isolla, these missions will have their own stories. Altough they will be relatively simple tasks, they will be quite entertaning with cool rewards for the mid to late game.

3- Now, the horses will not be tanks anymore. Reduced the armor ratings of horses making them vulnurable to missiles and spears, hopefully this will stop player from recruiting an op full knight army.

4- Now you can not recruit troops from the recruiters in taverns anymore, instead you can only upgrade some of your skills in exchange for money.

5- Added mercenary camps for Sarranids and Khergits.

6- Now you can get hunting/poaching missions from a certain npc.

7- Again, lots of new items.

8- All weapon models are changed with 15th century weapons.

9- While creating your character if you choose the noble path you will get a squire named Arren.

10- New mercenary camps will give troops to ai lords.

Thats all for now just some quick info to keep you guys updated thank you!




But fix the **** flora...
A single bush or a tiny tree can't stop a horse. :-P

Keep up the great work!!!

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