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I am so confused with the sound issue lately. Because I’ve developed every process in the game by myself and to be honest, I delayed the sound design. My sound designs had been ready but I didn’t put them in the game. I was thinking that I could handle it with sound cues. We can define sound cue as a function which allows us to create sounds in the areas that we choose. When the player enter a certain area, sound cue does its job and triggers the sound effects. It is a really helpful function for the enviromental sound effects such as wind, water, rain... However, the music and sound effects based on interactions can be hard with sound cue. For example, if the player leaves the area a couple times, it might cause the sound cue stop. Or if player runs and passes the area too fast, I can not make the player hear the sound at the right time, at the right place. So I made the sounds start wherever I want by using Blueprint. And by using Blueprint, I was able to control timing and volume. I didn’t use sound cue for the all environment.Sometimes I made custom loop by putting delay between 2 audio files in case the player stays in the area for too long. Because in the loop system in Unreal Engine itself, my audio files were not heard the way I wanted.

By the way, there is program called Wwise by Audiokinetic, you can use that too. I am planning to search for it and write a review here as soon as possible. I hope it works, keep following!

Göktu─č Ülvan - Creator of Roots of Insanity


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