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Friend list, Ignore list, Dragons Lair, New Wings!

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Hello all!
Since it's sunday, we are releasing new patch. That patch includes a lot new things like.

Friend And ignore list.
Can whisper to players who have space inside their name
/w "username" text

2 New Map!
Fellin island
Can get to Fellin island at Narwa. Buy boat ticket from sailor and travel to Fellin.
Dragon Lair

Fishing Guild.
Fishing Guild is located at Fellin Island ( Level 80 fishing required!)
Fishing permission is sold at rakblood fishing master

9 New Monster!
User Posted Image
3 New Boss!

User Posted Image

Chaotic Dragon
User Posted Image

Nephilim Warrior
User Posted Image

New Wings!
Nephilim Wings
User Posted Image

Q: How to get Nephilim Wings?
A:Need Archdevil wings, Archangel wings and nephilim book, Nephilim book is dropped by Nephilim warrior
User Posted Image

Ice Wings
User Posted Image
Q: How to get Ice Wings?
A: Collect 6 ice feather and forge, Ice feathers are dropped by Ice WyvernUser Posted Image

Lightning Wings
User Posted Image
Q: How to get Lightning Wings?
A: Collect 6 thunder feather and forge, thunder feathers are dropped by thunder birdsUser Posted Image
Find Out more at RPG MO
Rpg.mo.ee Or Desura



this update looks awesome! please keep updating the game! :]

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