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Post news RSS New Patch is out now - Hudson V0.0.11

This is the first post-Alpha patch for the game since the launch last month.

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Hello Creators!

This is the first post-Alpha patch for the game since the launch last month. We hope you’ve all been enjoying what’s on offer so far. A lot of time and love went into this patch, particularly when it comes to some much-needed project clean up. There’s a lot of internal restructuring going on. The project accumulated a lot of outdated assets that needed to be revisited- and oh boy, nobody is enjoying this process. We also lit the gasoline on localization, which means we're getting everything ready for translating The Universim into many different languages. This has been a highly-requested addition for quite some time, so we’re happy to announce that work is finally underway.

More than half of our team has been slaving away on a number of important features these past few months. This includes things like the AI update (which you can read all about in previous updates) and the road system, which will allow us to generate cities and villages in future updates. We’ll be talking a whole lot more about this in the coming weeks.

You’d better strap on your floaties for the remainder of this update, because we’ve got a lot of water updates to cover. Water sources on the planet are now dynamic, which means that they can be depleted by your civilization, Creator Powers, or weather conditions. Our devs were presented with quite the challenge when implementing this system, but we believe it’s going to pay off. This water system will eventually make its way onto alien planets as well. Water is no longer a fancy cosmetic item, it’s a vital planetary resource that will affect the global temperature, animal population, and, of course, your Nugget civilization. To test out the new system, we’re even adding fishing to the game. Welcome to water world!


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