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Today I managed to assemble my little sound studio and recorded sound for a new monster. In Regression the plan was to have only one clever monster, but now, we have actually two!

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Why another monster?
I was actually play-testing the custom story with my friends and I found out, that they were on edge, awaiting some thrill. The custom story (as in this stage) is built so that there is a balance between puzzle, scare and interesting environment. But I found out, that one part of the story cannot just naturally flow into the scare part, because it will be expected and the nature of scare is that the player is doing something, but is interrupted by the scary thing and he needs to act quickly.

So the custom story needed another source of scare. I can't just tease the player with sounds, he might see through that and it might get old really quickly. That's why I decided to add a new monster.
Of course I won't tell you what it is, but it has the voice acting done, so that is progress.

Other news:
New puzzle had been added to the game, journal will be valuable for player, who are stuck.
A lot of fun elements had be also implemented and are awaiting playtest. It's going great.

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