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My new mod DOOM: Legions Revisited. Now operating on the Wolf4SDL 1.3 runs entirely on Windows, even Vista :)

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I have been working on a new mod DOOM: Legions Revisited for about a month now, and have gotten far in many new features in this game:

-Fullscreen/status (smallest size is with the statusbar, and no borders, goes to fullscreen with stats and fullscreen without stats.

-Properly scaled weapons/enemies/objects (screenshots soon).

-Improved gun bobbing (not the zooming back and forth crap, actually up and down swoop.

-New enemies (still not sure yet, but really wanting new baddies)

many more i can't think of at this time.

 There are still many coding problems I have to figure out (Textured floors\ceilings, parallaxing skies, etc) and I'm not the only one that wants them.

Enough news for now, I'll try to keep updates every now and then to check up on the progress on this mod. I REALLY hope it turns out even better than DOOMLOH. 

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