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Ensign-1 gets a new exciting mission added to the game, as well as a redesign of the Ensign-1.

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New Ensign

It's been a long time coming, but the Ensign-1 has finally been redesigned, and textured to a quality worthy of the game. Unfortunately, this one doesn't have an interior level, so you won't be able to pilot the capitol ship anymore.

Ensign-1-2? From a Distance

New Mission

In addition to a new Ensign getting added to the game, I've also taken a few models from the incredible
Sol Command ( www.solcommand.com )

MorenaCobra Interceptor

and brought them into the game. This has led to an exciting new mission...

In this mission you'll find you're facing a new enemy, some space pirates who have been hired by an unknown organization to stop your mission of reclaiming the earth. You'll encounter a larger scale battle which even the Ensign-1 can't stay out of this time, and you'll finally getting some wingmen as support. You'll also come across your first enemies that make use of homing missiles against you!

I hope you enjoy it! Future updates will included even more missions with some cool ideas and surprises that I have in store for you. There will also be refined combat mechanics, including afterburners, improved missiles, and new plasma weapons. Stay tuned!


Sweet hope to see more awesome models :)

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Sounds cool man. Can't wait.

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