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This latest release brings a new menu design and options. You can now adjust the sensitivity of the mouse cursor for mouse flight. See inside for a couple of new screenshots of the cockpit.

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A new space superiority fighter has been certified for test flight readiness. Only the bravest and most diligent fighter pilots have applied for this most prestigious opportunity to test the most state of the art technology mankind has at his disposal. Project Aries 3D 64 is under development. This is Pre-Alpha software. It is not complete. It is not fun.

What's new?

  • New menu screens
  • Controller configuration menu is properly named Controls, instead of Options
  • Added new Options menu

Additional notes:

The controller configuration screen, which used to be under Options has been re-classified under the better designation of Controls. Assign your controllers and key defines under there. The Options menu has a mouse flight sensitivity slider added for using the mouse to steer your ship. Move the slider left to decrease and right to increase the sensitivity. Changing this option will decide how far the mouse cursor needs to travel on the screen for the ship to increase/decrease it's rotation, like a virtual joystick.

On His Tail

Too close for comfort

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