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Prepare your peepers! We've released a new Melon Quest gameplay vid and a new feature update 'Towns, Villages & Quests'. Plus plenty of new gameplay GIFS!

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Prepare your peepers! We've released a new Melon Quest gameplay vid and a new feature update 'Towns, Villages & Quests'. Plus plenty of new gameplay GIFS!

Haven't stumbled upon Melon Quest before and have no idea what it is? Here's what you need to know:

The game

Slay foes, traverse dimensions & eat melon, as you explore a huge seamless world in Melon Quest. A fast-paced RPG platformer adventure.

Play as a cute, underpants-wearing dimensional traveller on a quest to retrieve the annual melon harvest stolen from Nelom, the Melon King. Melon Quest is a fast paced, action-packed RPG platformer that takes place in a vast seamless world, filled with cute but disturbing creatures and terrifying bosses to slay. Explore, collect loot, craft items, take on quests, earn achievements, and combat enemies with an array of skills, buffs and debuffs.

Melon Quest is currently in early stages of development. Everything you see here is pre-alpha!


New gameplay video

Enjoy an extended look into gameplay in the Mountains from the Melon Quest pre-alpha gameplay demo as showcased at AVCon 2015.

Haven't already seen our AVCon demo highlights video? Witness the tutorial and highlights from the Melon Quest pre-alpha gameplay demo as showcased at AVCon.

Narration is humorously performed by Aaron 'Maz' Nassau, Youtube content creator & Independent short film maker. You can check out some of his other work/creations at Youtube.com.

We are currently rolling out announcements and new info about the features in Melon Quest!

Here's the latest of the first six features we've announced on melonquest.juicycupcake.com:

Towns, Villages & Quests

Throughout your adventure you will stumble upon safe towns full of quirky characters, and merchants to interact with. Some towns might be dangerous, filled with bandits and foes that will put your combat skills to the test.

You will have the option to take on branching quests from characters that you meet throughout your adventure. Some quests may lead you off the main path, while others might be just in your sight.

You could be passing by a camp with helpless creatures that need saving from terrifying beasts. Maybe saving the helpless creatures will get you into more trouble, and they are in fact the real threat. There are plenty of things out to kill you in Melon Quest.

Small town - Pre-alpha in-engine concept


Want to see more about the features in Melon Quest? Here's a tasty GIF-filled recap we did a few weeks back of the first five feature updates: Indiedb.com

New gameplay GIFs

We've been posting new GIFs on our website and twitter over the last week or so to show off gameplay and environments. Here are the latest gameplay GIFs we've shared, plus a few extras!


'Melon Quest takes place in a vast seamless world of another dimension.'


'Getting around in Melon Quest requires quick reflexes as you use your sticky pink hands to climb walls and dangerous overhangs, without falling to your doom.'


'Along with your wicked climbing skills, you can run, jump and dash your way through the world.'


We'll continue to post new features on the Melon Quest website or you can stay up to date by following us here on Indie DB, through Twitter, Facebook or sign up to our mailing list here.

Want to be the first to hear about these updates? Our mailing list is probably your best bet!

Thanks for reading and keeping up with the latest on Melon Quest. Keep your peepers peeled for the Melon Quest Kickstarter!

Stay Juicy!


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