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A little late but here are the first two discussion videos about the game mechanics for Odyssian Void.

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Hey everone,

I am a little late with these because I realized Sunday night as I was getting ready to render these out that I had not recorded any desktop footage for the economic system discussion and therefore redid the second video.

I also had to push back releasing these as my side job had some critical things that had to be done. But here they are. The game mechanics that are covered in these videos are the universe, the security rating system, the threat system, the economy, and the trading system.

A quick overview.

Universe System:

This is just basically the game-space. A settable range of random and some static systems are created; known as the Core Systems. New systems will be discovered automatically as game time progresses but you can also help by exploring uncharted space. Each system will be connected to at least one other system through a jump gate network though there may be some special cases which we will cover later.

Security Rating System:

Pretty much similar to Eve-Online's system. Determines how many npc enemys spawn naturally but has no effect on enemies spawned due to your negative relationships with entities. Also effects trade levels moderately and what types of ores you will find in asteroids. You will be able to drop this rate down by taking out Talirath stations that are hidden in every system with a sec rating higher than .4. Newly discovered systems will start with low sec ratings. Sec ratings for all systems are soft capped until 1.0 and will grow naturally over time.

Threat System:

A rudimentary system to allow you a basic understanding of how tough an enemy ship is compared to yours. Uses ship statistics instead of levels or ranks to determine the level so you can potentially be outclassed by a frigate even though you are in a cruiser if you are not utilizing your ship to the maximum. Threat levels are Low, Moderate, High, Extreme, and Deadly.

Economic System:

Will be based on two different paradigms: Supply/Demand & Direct Trading.

Supply/Demand paradigm will be used for trade between systems exclusively (trading items for other items, no resources like xarn or rubies) and also npc to npc trade through stations (can include a fore mentioned resource). Direct Trading paradigm is where you will sell stuff to a system that is in demand or supply for xarn or other resources. Will be very complex as to how the valuation of a trade region will be calculated, see the video for full explanation.

Trading System:

Two aspects: Micro and Macro. Micro trading is where you are selling or buying things to individual npcs, systems, or station stores. Very limited impact on the regional economy as a whole though slightly larger impact in local economy depending on your trade volume. In macro trading you own shops on stations, entire stations, or are producing products and then selling them. Much larger impact on region economy and very large impact on local economies. Will also cover two skills in the video: Trading Proficiency and Remote Trading.

Here are the videos:

The next two topics in the beginning to mid-January will be the Battle System and the Mission and Relationship Systems.

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