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Post news RSS New Limo, New Machines and a short video to tease you one last time!

Just a small teaser video showing some of the new UFO Arcade machines coming to The Coin Game soon.

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UFO Arcade another teaser

The new update is WAY bigger than I originally planned and I am very happy with how it is going so far. This next update will be focused on a new arcade, expanding your home base out of the garage and into the home. Also, Uncle Phil ordered a limousine to keep your birthday party going as you travel around islandville.

It going to be a tough few weeks....but I feel like I am on "schedule". Most all of the hard work is finished and now just a bunch of busy work nudging, making icons, images and menus. I have already spent many hours "testing" in the UFO arcade and I really can't wait to share it with all of you very soon.

Since my last sneak peak of the UFO arcade, I have nearly everything completed that will be included for this coming update, minus a few more new games that just need textures and menus. Over the last couple weeks I have been finishing all the new UFO Arcade leaderboards and laser tag systems. I also finished a completely new MegaDrop at Larry's arcade. He was fed up with the old one scamming customers and his order should be in stock in a few weeks when the next update is out. He heard about the new UFO arcade coming and has fixed all kinds of stuff around the arcade. He said he will not go silently. He even added a collectible card counting system for Dunko with a new Duck prize. He also spruced up Cuckoo Coin too. I heard he is even working on some "super secret stuff" for the future to compete with all this fancy stuff at the new UFO arcade.

Ill have lots more news and info once I wrap it all up in a few weeks but for now I am in a hurry to get back to "testing" at the UFO Arcade. haha

Thanks to all of our supporters of The Coin Game as this entire project would not be possible without all of you.



Birthday Mode Limousine service

Popcorn Pete and friends


Clock Tower


Skee Bowl

Iceberg Bounce

Just Toss it!

Down A Bot!

Lazer Tag - Red vs. Blue winner takes all.

Go Kart Race - 6 laps trophy for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.


New Sign, finally.

Dunk-O cards do something now!

All new Mega Drop

Carnival Coin Push repaired.

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