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New update of "This is not a sorcerer's job". Version 0.38. Now translated to 5 languages: english, spanish, italian, french an portuguese. And now also available for WINDOWS.

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New update of "This is not a sorcerer's job" - Version 0.38.

These are its most important news:

  • New Level (6) - Another challenging new level that will put your skill and cunning to the test.
  • Water areas: they will not harm you, but they will cause your speed to be decreased.
  • New mechanics: buttons and sliding platforms will make you think (this time not too much) to solve the puzzle.
  • Added 2 languages: Italian and Portuguese. Please, if you find any translation errors (which I am sure there will be) do not hesitate to let me know.
  • In development a new level that (I already advance it) will include the incorporation of tele-transporters.
  • New functions with which I move and zoom the camera according to the situation, so that the player does not miss details.
  • Oh, and the first explosion in the game that you will surely like (I am fully satisfied with how it turned out).

Once again, I hope that this new update and its news are to your liking, and that you enjoy playing as much as I did programming and designing the game;)

VERY VERY IMPORTANT: Please, if you find any game or TRANSLATION errors, do not hesitate to comment, I want to make the game as perfect as possible (within my possibilities, of course). I use Google Translator for this and we know very well that it is not a perfect system.
You can also support the project with your impressions and criticisms;)

Thank you very much to everyone for being there, "on the other side" of my screen ;)

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