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The art style has changed a lot since december, going from the normal to 1080p and back to the more cartoonish style but with more realistic proportions on characters. All the levels are also in the process of getting rewritten to get a more dynamic feeling.

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Art Style Changes

Ever since I first uploaded news and information the characters' shoulders were tiny. So over January and February many textures have changed a lot about my game here on IndieDB, I've wanted to change the art style. Characters' heads were enormous and their shoulders were tiny.
I wanted to add more details into the game, therefore I tried making everything 4 times larger and 1080p.

Here's Kenny in HD Graphics:

Compared to this:

This looked really good, but I realized how much work had to be done and I could not animate that well either.
So I reversed it back to normal size, but I kept the new textures.

The new player looks like this:

Here are some other new textures:




This is probably the final change, although I will of course add a lot of more details.


Rewritten Levels

The entire game is in the process of getting rewritten, this is because I thought the game was lacking engagement. When this is done, hopefully the story will be better told and have a longer overall playtime.

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