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We plan to be making new games monthly, we made Groovy Invaders Demo for android in January, Killer Kubes in February. And we've got a new game planned March!

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Groovy Video Games has decided to start putting out games monthly, this game for March will be Fart Man

(Full title is The Misadventures of Fart Man.)

You play as Fart Man, a guy with super-powered flatulence that makes him fly. Help him by farting to stay in the air by tapping the screen. Help him grab snacks to keep on farting while avoiding hazards like Crows and Airplanes. How far can you travel the skies with Fart Man?

We plan to start working more on Groovy Invaders at some point soon, and get the 10 level version of the game ported over to iOS and Android with improved controls.

Here are some pics of Fart Man:

Screen Shot 2016 03 12 at 12 15

Screen Shot 2016 03 12 at 12 15 3

Screen Shot 2016 03 12 at 12 15 2

Screen Shot 2016 03 12 at 12 15 1

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