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new gameplay is now available!:D. finally after a week working on the game i believe the game is ready for a new gameplay video, i hope you guys like the new gameplay video.

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after working really hard on the game a new gameplay video is finally ready. take a look at this ravaged alaska and what tools you will need in order to survive. first off there is a new road that goes around the terrain making it easier for me to put houses,farms , buildings in general around the place. the road will also make it easy for you and your pick up truck to go anywhere in a faster and more efficient way. new houses and materials have been added. trees now have colliders!, the building system is taking shape and we are struggling to make it perfect for the situation! (a ravaged alaska) but also ready to be used by creative minds to build awesome stuff. next step is to add the co-op feature!. i hope you guys like the game so far and any idea or advice will be more than appreciated!

the video is up on youtube!, indiedb wont let me upload because of its size

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