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We are pleased to announce our new gameplayer trailer of the Mine Hovercraft!

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We are pleased to announce our new gameplay trailer of the Mine Hovercraft!


The Mine Hovercraft has two abilities.

  • Mine Deployment - This allows the player to deploy a sea mine on the field of play. This mine can roll around, which leads to some exciting physics effects. The mine is also magnetically attracted to enemy hovercrafts, so mind your distance!
  • Mine Push - The player can propel the mine using rapid electronic impulses, this leads to huge sea mines flying through the air hurling towards enemy opponents.

The Mine Hovercraft is easily one of our most uniquely designed hovercrafts, and one that is quickly developing into a fan favourite!

Please leave a comment and tell us what you think! Also don't forget that Project Hovercraft is now on steam greenlight! Remember, every vote really does count!

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