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I have renamed the game from "Glad.io" to Game Engineers!

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I have decided I have to come up with a FULL name otherwise I'll have to redo all of the content after the games release. I also want the game name to be original, so I chose Game Engineers! I named it game engineers as nearly EVERYTHING in the game will be able to be created using an editor. Things from your character, to the furniture in your home! Everything will be able to be created! You create things using something called Grist. (For all you Homestuck fans, yes it is the thing used to build in Sburb). Grist is attained from doing many thing, that I won't get into detail about until it is added into the game. But anyway, you spend a certain amount of grist based on the number of quads on the object.

But anyways, see you guys later!

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