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The new gameserver package (FDS) is fully compatible with A Path Beyond 1.3.1 and is a complete hosting platform with TS2 support and more, your preferred option for hosting a permanent or semi-permanent gameserver for public or clan-only access. Since previous last news update the other day went live, the SSAPB-1.39 free dedicated server package was released. Well, we had a problem with the file to be mirrored but that's okay because hot on its heels is the new SSAPB-1.40 FDS package.

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Before we get started, a quick notice: new players who had immediately joined the official gameserver with the name "Cold Warrior" (the default profile) were being permabanned. This is now corrected, but new players should create a new profile/name before trying to play! We'll keep this message here for a bit longer to avoid new player frustration.


Attention server owners! A brand new free dedicated server (FDS) package is now available, thanks to efforts by Zunnie and contributions from a number of other great staff and community members. Those of you who already operate a gameserver running a cobbled-together hosting platform are highly encouraged to make sure of SSAPB 1.4.0 to enhance your gameserver with the very latest Server Side A Path Beyond features and functionality.

What is the FDS?
Simply put, it is the core gameserver application. FDS stands for "free dedicated server," a moniker that took hold a long time ago and has stuck ever since, even though A Path Beyond is 100% free in every way. It provides a no-frills, no-graphics console-only dedicated game server intended for use on a server PC with a stable internet connection for long-term hosting.

What is the SSAPB?
SSAPB is a collection of additional enhancements and code modifications designed to give a host more control over the server than the FDS alone provides, but is not able to be used in conjunction with a mere game client "listen server". It can only be applied to a true FDS, and is of no benefit unless the FDS is in use. It stands for "Server Side A Path Beyond" as it is server-only enhancements.

What comes with the download?
This new hosting package is the definitive hosting platform for A Path Beyond, and is a ready-to-go solution for anybody looking to host a server for the public, for their clan, a place to host their fan maps, or anybody else who wants a permanent gameserver available. Only minimal configuration is required, and everything is very well documented.

  • All the RA:APB 1.3.1 data files and maps are included, compatible with our latest 1.3.1 client.
  • A full IRC bot is included, based on BRenbot 1.53. Use this for easy remote game administration or public monitoring! Prepared by Catalyst of the Ascended Warriors clan.
  • Full TeamSpeak2 support included; players will be automatically sorted into correct TeamSpeak channels based on team. Originally by Reborn-the-guy for the Mp-Gaming official server.
  • Support for in-game fund player-donation or team-donation commands
  • Support for optional "unit veterancy" upgrades inspired by later C&C games
  • Support for alternate-gameplay modes such as snipers only or buy-your-base
  • Support for randomized bonus-or-punishment crates players can find on maps
  • Support for random map rotations
  • Support for refill & demolition truck abuse prevention
  • Fully documented; no need for guesswork
  • Fully customizable!

If you already have an existing server, or are looking to start hosting one, grab this now. It will be available via a ModDB download, and three regional mirrors are available thanks to Game-Maps.net:

German Mirror
Netherlands Mirror
United States Mirror

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